Gaining Traction: Filipino Football’s International Awakening

Every single day, we’re blown away to receive applications from talented players all around the globe who want to join our club. For such a new club, this is extremely heartening to see. From Europe and Africa to Asia and even South America it seems that the interest in our team knows no bounds and it is also a very positive sign for football devleopment in the Philippines!

We’ve been fortunate to receive applications from some strong players representing diverse backgrounds, including players from European and African nations, along with talented individuals from countries like Thailand, Japan, and yes, even Brazil! It is truly an honor to be recognized as a club where players of quality from all corners of the world aspire to play.

As you know, our heart and soul lie in the development of football right here in the Philippines. That’s why we’re committed to nurturing and promoting local Filipino talent. Our mission is clear: to elevate football in our nation.

To all the amazing players regardless of your country of origin who’ve expressed interest in joining us, thank you!

Furthermore, we’ve also made a conscious decision to opt for a 100% Filipino local staff because we believe in providing opportunities for our own community to work and benefit from the club.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our journey.

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