Fighting Injustice: The Unjust Treatment of Filipino Footballers

Dear Fans and Followers,

We are truly grateful for the overwhelming support we have received from all of you. Your positive energy has fueled our passion for the game, and it gives us great hope for the future of football development in our beloved country. However, we’ve noticed some misconceptions circulating that we feel compelled to address for the sake of transparency.

🚫 Myth: We’re going all-Filipino because it’s cheaper.

Reality: Incorrect! We’ve received approximately 200 applications from foreign players with varied expectations, including top salaries to playing for free. As a European-owned team, we’ve had numerous requests from European players. Interestingly, many foreign players don’t demand higher salaries than Filipino players. Opting for an all-Filipino squad has nothing to do with cost but is a deliberate decision to empower local talents.

🌐 What are the 3 real reasons explaining our choice for a 100% Filipino squad?

1️⃣ Passion for the Philippines: Our owner, hailing from afar, is investing both heart and money to give back to the country that has become his home. Montet Sports, our parent organization, is a non-profit on a mission to boost Philippine football.

2️⃣ Equality Matters: Dismissing the myth that foreign players are automatically superior, our owner believes in equality on the field. We are all humans, and talent knows no borders.

3️⃣ Love for Challenges: We’ve heard doubts that our venture will fail without foreign players. Our response is clear – success is not contingent on non-local talents. Embracing an all-Filipino squad is our way of tackling skepticism head-on; we love challenges.

While we acknowledge that our inaugural season may pose challenges, with a new team and players yet to play together, we are realistic about our expectations. Winning a championship in the first season is close to impossible. However, our goal is to showcase our competence and fighting spirit. Rest assured, we are committed to continuous improvement. As seasons progress, we aim to evolve into a formidable force.

We appreciate your understanding and support as we embark on this journey. We’re not just a club; we’re a family united by the love of football and a shared vision for a thriving football community in the Philippines. Let’s keep the conversation going, and, most importantly, let’s continue supporting each other because positive thinking and love are always the best solutions.

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