Manila Montet FC, the only major Filipino football club with an all-Filipino squad.

Why go local?

1️⃣ Passion for the Philippines: Our owner, hailing from afar, is investing both heart and money to give back to the country that has become his home. Montet Sports, our parent organization, is a non-profit on a mission to boost Philippine football.

2️⃣ Equality Matters: Dismissing the myth that foreign players are automatically superior, our owner believes in equality on the field. We are all humans, and talent knows no borders.

3️⃣ Love for Challenges: We’ve heard doubts that our venture will fail without foreign players. Our response is clear – success is not contingent on non-local talents. Embracing an all-Filipino squad is our way of tackling skepticism head-on; we love challenges.

Manila Montet FC is not just a club; we’re a family united by the love of football and a shared vision for a thriving football community in the Philippines.

With strong support from the Montet Group, an international organization—whose main business is Anh Thomas Investment, a specialized financial advisory firm in stock investments based in Delaware and founded by Thomas Vivian Montet, from which our name is derived—our ambition is to take center stage in Philippines football. Both on and off the field, we strive to showcase the courage, strength, and honor of the Filipino people.

Our journey goes beyond winning games; it’s about embodying the resilient spirit of the Filipino people through football.

Our pro team is joining the Philipines football league in 2024 while our recently created youth camp is already a success.