Announcement: Winner of ‘Ladies in Blue Fashion Contest’ & Next Game Details!

Thank you to everyone who supported us at Rizal last Sunday, whether you were in the bleachers or the grandstands and mentioned our name when purchasing tickets!

We host various games every matchday where attendees have the chance to win cash prizes, Manila Montet t-shirts, and enjoy free entrance to the bleachers, making it a fun experience for all.

Today, we’re excited to announce the winner of the “Ladies in Blue Fashion Contest.” Among the participants, one lucky winner has been randomly selected.

Here’s a quick recap of the contest rules:

  • You need to be watching the game at the stadium.
  • You need to wear blue.
  • You need to send your picture to our Facebook page via Messenger anytime during the game.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve won PHP 1000, which you can collect at Rizal Stadium during our next game!

Ladies, our next game is on Sunday the 14th at 5 pm at Rizal Stadium. Don’t miss your chance to win!

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