Manila Montet FC Owner Reflects on First Training Session

Interviewer: “Today marked the inaugural training session for Manila Montet FC, and we have the pleasure of speaking with the club’s owner. Did you attend the training?”

Sir Thomas Vivian Montet, owner of Manila Montet FC: “Yes, I did. While I won’t be present at every session due to professional commitments, I believe it’s crucial to attend regularly to demonstrate my dedication to the team.”

Interviewer: “What are your thoughts on this first training session?”

Sir Thomas Vivian Montet: “My initial impression is a mix of positives and areas for improvement. Starting something new is always challenging, and mistakes are inevitable. However, I’m optimistic that we’ll refine our approach in the upcoming sessions. On the bright side, I’m pleased with the quality of our players. They not only excel on the field but also display positive traits off the pitch, which is essential for our club’s identity.”

Interviewer: “What message did you convey to your players during the session?”

Sir Thomas Vivian Montet: “I covered a lot in our discussion. I presented our project, outlined our ambitions for this PFL season, and shared the exciting news that our players will receive allowances—a feature not common among PFL teams this season. We aim to be an attractive club, hoping to attract Filipino talents with the right mindset.”

Thank you, and stay tuned for more insights in our upcoming posts as we delve deeper into the message Sir Thomas Vivian Montet conveyed to his players.

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