Is the Surge of Manila Football Clubs in the PFL 2024 Season a Concern?

As the PFL 2024 season approaches, concerns have surfaced online, specifically regarding the growing number of Manila clubs. While the precise format and schedule for the upcoming season remain undisclosed, it is confirmed that a very significant number of matches will be hosted at Rizal Stadium in Manila.

In an ideal setting, a diverse array of stadiums representing various regions would contribute to a more varied and inclusive league. However, football in the Philippines confronts distinctive challenges, demanding pragmatic solutions. Financial limitations, notably the struggle of many clubs to adequately compensate players and cover travel expenses, add complexity. Filipino Clubs, often financially constrained, are cautious about incurring losses, prompting the league to carefully navigate these challenges.

Despite these obstacles, it’s imperative to recognize the vast population of Metro Manila, exceeding 30 million people. To provide context, England has a population of approximately 40 million. The reality is that there is ample space for Manila football clubs, even if concentrated in one area.
Looking forward, the potential for football in the Philippines to align with the global trend and experience gradual growth is promising, especially with the anticipation of new clubs in the 2024 PFL league. In the future, the landscape may evolve to a point where only the largest and most robust Manila clubs like Manila Montet FC can compete at the highest level, potentially paving the way for new clubs representing various provinces to enter the competition.

One sure is certain, there is a lot of potential for the world number 1 sport in the Philippines.

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