Precision and Personality: The Coordinated Dance of AI and Human Input in Our Posts

In recent days, we’ve noticed a few comments circulating about our posts possibly being written by ChatGPT. We get it – our page has grown quickly, and not everyone is a fan. It’s true, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and pleasing everyone is an impossible task.

We want to set the record straight and assure our loyal followers that, yes, we do use ChatGPT. But hold on, we only employ this technology to reorganize and polish our content, ensuring it’s error-free and easy to read. However, it’s important to note that AI will never be able to replace the human touch in crafting our posts.

We understand that making fun of people’s work is a simple task, but disrespecting the effort put into creating posts is a different story. We’re grateful that most readers recognize the hard work we’re putting in and we are extremely grateful to them.

Manila Montet FC is a new club on the block, striving to build a team comprised entirely of Filipino players in record time. Some doubt our success because they do not believe in a squad comprised entirely of Filipino players being good, but we beg to differ. While we can’t guarantee victory in every game, especially in our first season which will be challenging for sure, we promise to fight for our fans until the end – because that’s who we are.

By the way… our first official training is in 2 days!!! Let’s go Montet!

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