Exploring Stylish Football Jerseys – Part 2

In this second part of our football jersey roundup, let’s explore three jerseys, one of which is Filipino:


The Argentinian national team’s jersey, adorned in timeless sky blue and white, stands as a symbol of football joy. Worn by successors to legends like Di Stefano, Kempes, Maradona, and Messi, it signifies a legacy etched in football history. This iconic striped attire carries the weight of triumphs, dazzling skills, and a tradition of putting players on their backsides while consistently finding the back of the net.

AC Milan

Milan’s iconic red and black stripes have undergone a revolutionary redesign, celebrating the city’s vibrant spirit. A repetitive tonal pattern weaves through the shirt, forming a continuous ‘M’ motif, a nod to Milan’s dynamic essence. The black v-neck collar, cuffs, and sleeve trim add elegance, complemented by Puma’s skillful display of the club name at the back of the neck. This thoughtful design captures the essence of Milanese style and football tradition.

Mendiola F.C. 1991

And what about the Filipino elite league PFL, you might ask? Well, last season, in our opinion, there was a clear winner for style with Mendiola’s second jersey. Whether you are a fan of Mendiola or not, you have to admit that this is a pretty cool jersey! As for the new PFL season starting in February, the clear winner (even though we may be a bit biased on this) will be Manila Montet FC. Let’s go Montet! We will disclose our jersey in a few days now…

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