Mark Your Calendars: Unveiling the Timeline of Thrills

Tomorrow or following day- Kids Academy on Facebook: when we do polls and ask for your opinion we are not joking about it! We listened to your advice and we will be opening a new Facebook page dedicated to our Kids Academy only.

End of January – Training Kit Arrival: At the end of January, players should get ready for a special delivery – our brand new training kits are on their way. They will also be available for sale shortly after.

February 20th – Player Registration Deadline: February 20th will be the last day to register for the 2024 PFL Season as a player. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of our team, we are still looking for talents.

One Week or 10 Days Before First Game – Surprise Announcement: Just before our first game, be on the lookout for a surprise announcement. Something special is about to unfold – stay tuned!

Early March – PFL Season Kickoff: pfl season is now expected to start early march 2024. Get ready to cheer and support our team as they embark on an action-packed season.

Get ready for a season full of milestones, camaraderie, and surprises. Let’s make every moment count! Let s go Montet!

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