Join Our Club: Seeking Outstanding Filipino Football Talents!

We’ve held some really good tryouts lately and found some excellent players. Not just from tryouts, but we’ve also attracted skilled players with impressive backgrounds. Yet, our new club still wants more talents because we are a bit short in terms of the number of players still. Our team is young, a crucial factor for our future success. We also like experienced players from PFL, the highest level of football in the Philippines with tough physical and technical demands.

We’re open to all positions, and even though our squad is almost complete, we’re on the lookout for exceptional players. We value youth but also welcome experienced PFL players. To be part of our team, you need to fit into either of these categories:

  • You’re under 23, have played at the university level or in a high-level team, and you’re extraordinarily good.
  • You’ve already played in PFL.

If you fit either of these descriptions, send us a message on Facebook. We’ll arrange a tryout session to see if you’re the perfect match. Our squad is nearly full; we’re in the process of making final additions. For this reason please understand that you may not qualify. Join us on this exciting journey!

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  1. I already play pfl, copa paulino alcantara and others league her in manila. My previous team is Manila Diggers FC and Maharlika Manila FC and others. And i already represent the country. Now im studying in Arellano University we don’t have NCAA that’s why i want to show case may talent here in PFL 2024 to help Manila Montet FC. Thank you!

  2. Hello! May i know when is the next tryout/training? Sorry if i didn’t show up to your 2 tryout invitation last december because of my busy schedule

  3. Hope to be choose❤

    Currently playing at Cavite State University Men’s Football Team

    Played at Unity Games International 2023

    Champion at Unity Games International Regionals South Luzon

    Played at STRASUC OLYMPICS 2022

  4. Hi there,

    I have sent a message thru facebook and whatsapp. The reason i am reaching out is to seek an oppurtunity for my son Kydenne Almario to trial for your PFL 2024 Team.

    Kydenne turns 19 this year. he has been playing Football since Kindergarten. Since U13 he was played for Cockburn FC, Murdoch FC and Gwelup in the NPL Australia. Last year he registered as a Philippine Football player and has played for ADA/CF Manila. Kydenne normally resides in Australia and has moved to Philippines to seek better football opportunity.

    Kydenne plays RB and LB positions and is capable of also playing in the wing.

    I hope that you can give Kydenne the opportunity to trial for the team. Thank you very much for time. You can call me anytime if you wish to discuss this interest further. My phone number is +61 410 995 581

  5. Its Great to have this club I hope I am one of the member of this club.Hoping that i can join this team for upcoming pfl.

  6. Its Great to have this club I hope I am one of the member of this club.Hoping that i can join this team for upcoming pfl.

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