Previewing Manila Montet FC 2024 PFL Competitors: Davao Aguilas Football Club

As Manila Montet FC prepares for its first PFL season in March, let’s take a look at some of the competition our team will face and today we start with Davao.

Davao Aguilas Football Club performed exceptionally well last year, showcasing impressive skills in their games. Much has been praised about their outstanding ball-handling, and Coach Aber Ruzgal has received acclaim for his strategic tactics. Despite their loss in the Copa final, it is viewed as a valuable lesson that will undoubtedly strengthen the team. There is little doubt that they will be a formidable presence in the 2024 PFL season.

The upcoming season in the Philippines Football League (PFL) is anticipated to be incredibly exciting and competitive, featuring teams not seen in action for quite some time. Davao Aguilas is expected to be a tough team to beat, and their fans are particularly enthusiastic about the coming PFL season.
Despite withdrawing from the PFL in 2018, Davao continues to receive strong support for the development of football in the region. Jefferson Cheng, a supporter of the team, is focused on building facilities and assisting young players in getting involved in the sport.

Looking forward, Davao Aguilas boasts a solid team with skilled players such as Serge Kaole, Paolo Bugas and Troy Limbo. Serge Kaole, a Cameroonian defender who has played for Stallion, Cebu, Kaya, Maharlika, and Mendiola, brings extensive experience to the PFL. Despite being 33 years old, many observers believe he has never been as good as he was last season.

The club not only brings pride to its fans but also plays a crucial role in promoting the love for football in Mindanao. Davao will be a formidable opponent, and some even wonder if they could clinch the PFL season. Yet, you can be reassured that Manila Montet FC will also pose a significant challenge to play against, thanks to our unwavering spirit of never giving up.

When is Manila Montet Fc versus Davao scheduled?

This should be an away game.

Expected Game Date: May 4th 2024

Location: University of Makati

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