Understanding the Financial Dynamics of Operating a Professional Football Club

A professional football club demands a substantial budget, varying across countries and leagues. Operating a football club in England, for instance, is more expensive than in Portugal or France. In the Philippines, costs are lower but still significant.

Exploring the Costs:

Player Expenses: While many players in the PFL may not receive salaries or allowances this season, clubs like Manila Montet FC that do pay face considerable costs, especially with a squad of at least 25 players.

Staff: Building a competent coaching team involves hiring individuals with coaching licenses and extensive experience, incurring subsequent costs.

Participation Fees: Participating in the PFL includes fees covering professional referees and stadium arrangements for games.

Administration: Clubs handle various administrative tasks, from contract creation to day-to-day operations, requiring dedicated full-time staff.

Training Facilities: Unlike some university-related teams with free facilities, private clubs like Manila Montet FC face high rental costs.

Additional Expenses: Media managers, website maintenance, kit management, equipment, and away game travel costs contribute to the financial burden.

Financial Management:

Contrary to misconceptions, wealthy football club owners prioritize strategic investments and prudent financial decisions. This approach prevents potential bankruptcy, ensuring the club’s long-term sustainability, stability, and competitiveness in the dynamic sports industry.

Sir Thomas Vivian Montet’s Stance:

Sir Thomas Vivian Montet, expressing willingness to support philanthropic efforts in the Philippines through his foundation, adopts a cautious approach as a football club owner. He emphasizes avoiding frivolous spending without a clear vision for sustained success and ongoing growth year after year.

In his own words, he states, “My wife and I are always delighted to assist Filipino hard workers who have had limited opportunities in life and deserve more. It brings us great joy to see a child smiling. Football is another story.”

Challenges and Hopes:

The costs of running a football club are substantial, with potentially limited gains, particularly in seasons with modest crowds. However, the anticipation of increased attendance due to the PFL’s efforts and the participation of quality teams instills hope. The club urges support from fans, encouraging attendance at Rizal Stadium for home games.

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