Spotlight on Manila Montet Goalkeepers

In the world of Philippine football, Manila Montet stands out for several reasons and not always on the field, but one of the field reasons is due to its excellent goalkeepers performances.

Football analysts will tell you that a team’s ranking doesn’t tell the whole story about how good its goalkeeper is. They would explain that playing in the PFL is tougher than playing against non PFL teams, which means our goalkeepers have suddenly to work harder.

One goalkeeper getting a lot of attention is Mark Jones. He joined Manila Montet just before the start of the season. After a great game against Taguig, fans and experts started calling him “Lord Jones.”

But that was not it, Rafael Mamanong, also impressed fans with his skills. He got the nickname “Lord Mamanong” after a great game against Mendiola. Sadly, Mamanong got hurt both in the leg and hand in that game and had to leave the field.

What makes Manila Montet special is not just Jones and Mamanong, but also the other talented goalkeepers on the team.

With two more talented goalies, Lasco and Salino, Manila Montet could hope to become known for producing great goalies in the future.

As football in the Philippines grows, goalkeepers especially local ones will become even more important. Manila Montet’s focus on developing local talent doesn’t just help their team, but also helps Philippine football overall. And maybe one day, one of local goalkeeper could flew abroad to join another league.

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