Post-game Review: Manila Montet vs Loyola FC

Ball possession

As has been the case in the previous two games and since the team is managed by our new coach, who is a big fan of ball possession, our ball possession has dramatically improved compared to the start of the season. At halftime, Manila Montet was close to 50% ball possession despite a score against us.

Missed goal opportunities

Some fans have noticed our difficulties in scoring. We’ve had a few opportunities, but yes, it’s not easy to finish. In the next games, we will try to improve our finishing.

Lack of fitness and aggressiveness

Many people have noticed that the team lacks a bit of aggressiveness. This is mainly due to a lack of fitness preparation during preseason. This will be addressed next season.

Concern about Lord Mamanong’s new injury

Our goalkeeper Mamanong was great in the last game, and some started to call him “Lord Mamanong,” unfortunately, he got injured and had to be replaced. Unfortunately, it happened again yesterday. After 60 minutes of play, Lord Mamanong got seriously injured and had to be taken off the field by the medical team.

Another doubtful penalty?

The 7th of the season against us…Naturally, a team that is used to being dominated will concede more penalties than others. That’s a logical thing. However, yesterday’s penalty was again questionable, with many saying there was none. It’s the 7th penalty conceded by Manila Montet this season while we have received none in our favour.

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