It takes a true fan to stick around during the hard times.

It’s easy to cheer for a team when they’re winning and everything is going well. But a true fan sticks around during the hard times, when the team is losing and things aren’t looking good. These loyal fans are the heart of the team, always showing their support and believing in them, even when it’s tough. True fandom means being there for both the good and bad times, showing that your love for the team is strong no matter what.🥰

We want to thank our fans (local and international) for sticking with us during these difficult times on the field. We have recently crossed 13,300 followers on Facebook in only 5 months! Even though we have to admit that our strongest support clearly comes from abroad (roughly half of our followers do not live in the Philippines), this is still simply amazing and a remarkable achievement in a country that supposedly does not love football.

PS: We selected a funny comment.. can you spot it? 😄

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