Post-Match Analysis: A Few Reasons To Smile

Despite the tough result on the scoreboard, there are several encouraging aspects to consider after last Sunday game:

1. Fighting Spirit: After showing a low spirit against Tuloy, the players did better in term of determination and combativity. This is still far from enough but we will build on that for the future.

2. Who can beat Stallion: Few teams will be able to compete against them. In 3 games this season, Stallion has scored already 25 goals and conceded 0 goal. A real machine full of talented foreign players.

3. Our calendar will not always be that hard: We have already played 2 of the strongest teams of the league in our 3 first games, we will not play Taguig or Stallion every weekend.

4. Second Half Recovery: Despite a very poor first half, the team exhibited marked improvement in the latter part of the match, with notable individual performances contributing to a more competitive showing.

5. Enhanced Possession: We managed to get close to 40% ball possession in this match, and against such a formidable opponent it signifies progress in maintaining control, a promising development for future encounters that we did not see in our 2 first games where our possession was around 15% only.

6. Tactical Adaptations: With the guidance of a new coaching staff whose human values align more closely with those of the club, we are fostering a true sense of team spirit. The team is embracing a different playing style characterized by more possession and an aggressive approach. This style of play promises to be more spectacular and enjoyable for the fans.

7. Fan Engagement: This is an area where we rarely have to complain.😍 Despite adverse weather conditions with 37 degrees which are hard not only to players but also to the crowd, many of our fans came to Rizal Stadium. We honestly think that we have the best football fans of the country and we are so thankful of your continuous support. From the players on the field to every member of our staff behind the scenes, we want you to know that your support matters more than words can express. You are not just fans; you are an integral part of this club.🥰🥰🥰

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