A reminder of our ambition for our inaugural season:

While we’re genuinely encouraged by the continuous support shown through jersey sales and uplifting messages, it’s essential to be realistic about where we stand currently. As a brand-new club, our players are still getting to know each other, and our staff is constantly learning and evolving.

There’s a mix of expectations among our fans – some hope for immediate success while others fear constant losses. But the truth lies somewhere in between. We may not be ready to compete with the top teams just yet, but we have talented players and a dedicated coaching staff. We’re essentially starting from scratch, and although it’s tough in the beginning, we’re determined to be competitive.

Our main goal right now isn’t to win the league; it’s to perform respectably and aim for a 10th or 12th place finish, which would be a significant achievement for us. Looking ahead, we want to improve and eventually challenge the best clubs while building our fan base.

In this inaugural season, what matters most is earning your support. While winning games is important, earning the loyalty of our fans is our top priority.

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