Jersey on Shopee and Ultras Formation

Two updates for today:

Our home jersey is now available for purchase on Shopee! As you may know, Manila Montet is owned by a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting football in the Philippines. Every jersey you buy not only shows your support for our project but also contributes to our mission. Stay tuned as we will soon be adding new sizes, including S, XXL, and XXXL. Additionally, we’ll be introducing the away jersey and t-shirts shortly.

We’ve been in contact with some fans regarding the formation of an ultra group. This is an ongoing project, and if you’re interested in joining, please reach out to us via Facebook Messenger. We’ll be more than happy to coordinate with you. The Ultras will function as an independent entity from the club, but our goal remains the same: to ensure everyone has a fantastic time at the stadium. We welcome and support any initiative aimed at enhancing the cheering experience for our team.

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