Manila Montet FC’s Fan-First Philosophy

Some question us why we spend so much on marketing, and we believe transparency is always the best answer. After all, it’s your club too. Let’s find out why we allocate so much to marketing efforts.

At Manila Montet FC, we see fans as a requirement for a club long term success. That’s why we always put fan engagement first. While some other Filipino clubs play top football, we can’t help but wonder: where are their fans? What’s the point of playing high-level games if hardly anyone shows up to watch? By investing in marketing, our aim is to build a strong fan base that not only supports us on match days but also actively contributes to the growth of Filipino football culture.

Of course, we’re eager to improve our performance on the field, and we’re confident we’ll get there when time is right. However, as a club, we will always favor being number 1 in the hearts than being number 1 on the field. Of course, both would be better but we are far from perfect. Our mission is the development of football in the country, and that’s where our focus lies. We respect the clubs that prioritize field performance; they simply have a different agenda and the pfl need as much them as they need us but for different reasons. As a nonprofit organization, our sole objective is to develop football in the Philippines.

We want to spread the joy of football to kids, teenagers, and families, helping them fall in love with the number 1 sport in the world. Bringing more people to the stadium is our goal, and we’re happy with how things are going. Building a strong community takes time and effort, but we’re dedicated to it. Seeing both familiar and new faces in the stands every weekend makes us really happy.

We also believe in Long-Term Sustainability: We understand the importance of prudent management and long-term sustainability. While it s true that the Montet Group could spend way more to get a more competitive team immediately, would that be sustainable in the long term? How many football clubs have disappeared in the Philippines in the past?

Filipino people deserve a better football experience. This will come with clubs with strong identities, exciting derbies, and vibrant atmospheres.

What Filipino football doesn’t need is just another club strong on the field but with no ability to attract crowds or capture hearts. Let’s work on creating a football culture, together we can do it.

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