Club and Team Stories Over Player Highlights: Why?

More and more fans ask us why we don’t feature more interviews and personal highlights of our players anymore. They loved the zoom on individual players and getting to know more about them. The reason is both simple and a bit sad. 😞

Since the start of the season, our team has faced immense challenges. Our players are young and inexperienced, and we have the youngest coaching team in the PFL by far. This includes a youthful pool of players and even a management team that is brand new to the world of professional football.

Despite these obstacles, we are overwhelmed by the incredible support we receive from fans around the world. However, our performance on the field, combined with our high popularity abroad, has led to mixed feelings locally. A lot of misinformation is circulating about us, but that’s part of being famous and there is nothing worse than being invisible. 😘

After thoughtful discussions with our coaching team, staff, and board, we decided the best way to protect our players was to limit their exposure. It is a bit shameful because there is so much we want to share about them as individuals. But we believe it was necessary to shield them from undue criticism.

The team struggles but is full of remarkable individuals who work tirelessly and possess immense talent. More importantly, they are good people who do not deserve to face hateful comments. 💪

Our players have shown incredible resilience. They understand the challenges ahead and refuse to give up. There is undeniable talent in this team, and you will see more of some of these players in the future.

Philippines Football League 2024 Match Day 19, June 8, 2024

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