Our Surprising Home Jersey Popularity

A few weeks ago, we proudly unveiled our new home jersey. Initially, we didn’t anticipate a high demand, considering we’re a new club yet to play our first official game. However, we were mistaken, as the response exceeded our expectations, leading us to swiftly place additional orders.

Estimating the quantity of jerseys needed for the entire season presents a challenge. Some are designated for our players during matches, while others are for fans to purchase and show their support. Moreover, aside from the home jersey, we must also plan for training kits and away jerseys, with the latter set to be unveiled soon—stay tuned!

Predicting the demand for jerseys is complex, given the potential for fluctuations in fan interest and player requirements. Despite this challenge, we’re endeavoring to strike the right balance, ensuring we neither overstock nor understock.

We’re thrilled by the overwhelming positive reception to our jersey, and we’re committed to ensuring accessibility for all who wish to own one. Taking into account your feedback, we’re expanding our size range to include S, XXL, and even some XXXL options, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone keen to support our club.

As you may be aware, Manila Montet FC is owned by the non-profit company Montet Sports Inc. Consequently, our jerseys are affordably priced, as profit is not our primary objective. We firmly believe in inclusivity, ensuring that supporting our club remains accessible to all, regardless of budget. Therefore, when you purchase one of our jerseys, you’re not only getting a great deal, but you’re also supporting Filipino local football players, as our squad is 100% Filipino-born!

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