Reevaluating Home Advantage: Rizal Stadium and the Pfl Season 2024

There is a trend in football where teams tend to perform better at home than away, as evidenced in the Premier League table, with home win percentages at 49% compared to 29% in away matches. This phenomenon is common in football leagues all over the world and can be attributed to several factors, including the role of fans as the 12th man, creating an atmosphere that influences match outcomes. Additionally, familiarity with pitch conditions and the ability to adapt to them to advantage also favor home teams. Referees may be influenced by home crowds, leading to potential bias. Traveling for away matches can disrupt training schedules, reduce player physical readiness, and affect mental abilities, giving home teams an overall advantage.

However, with the upcoming Pfl season starting in early April 2024, there will be a unique scenario where the majority of games will be held in Rizal Stadium, with some matches scattered across Cebu, Iloilo, and the University of Makati. While historically, teams playing at home have enjoyed statistical advantages, the concentration of matches in Rizal Stadium raises questions about how this advantage will manifest. Since all teams will become equally familiar with Rizal Stadium, the traditional home advantage dynamics may shift. However, the influence of crowd support remains a factor that could still provide some advantage to the most popular teams. We hope to have the favor of the crowds and count on all of you because our club is also and mainly yours.

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