The Road to Success: A Young Filipino Team’s Tale

In just a few months, we’ve built a club from scratch.
Our original plan was meant to take years to achieve what we’ve already accomplished.
Our management team has done an outstanding job. Everyone, from marketing to the field, should be immensely proud.
It’s been a lot of work, with numerous problems to address in a short amount of time. It’s been a continuous learning and growing experience for us.
Most of our staff are young Filipinos, and while it hasn’t been easy, we work hard every day to make it happen. Let’s dream big.
While we’re not there yet, we can already be proud of what has been done. There have been tears, we’ve endured suffering, but we are not willing to give up. Let’s continue pushing forward and making progress. Let’s make the Filipino people proud of us and our team. Together, we can overcome any challenge and achieve even greater success.

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