Playing for Manila Montet: a blessing or a burden?

Playing for Manila Montet is both exciting and comes with its fair share of good and tough parts.


Spotlight for Local Players: The club provides an excellent opportunity for local talent, especially younger players, to showcase their skills in the wider stage of the Philippine Football League (PFL).

Community Support: Despite being new, Manila Montet has gained strong support from the local community. This backing sets the club apart, showing the enthusiasm around its presence.

Financial Stability: Manila Montet enjoys a significant advantage with stable finances, solidified by Mr. Montet’s unwavering commitment. The Montet family has even embedded their name in the club, ensuring a lasting presence and signaling a long-term commitment. This direct funding approach guarantees a secure and sustainable future, eliminating the need to rely on external shareholders and underscoring the Montet family’s dedication to the club for the foreseeable future.


New Team Struggles: Being a new club brings challenges, especially in facing high-level competition immediately. Building a team from scratch takes time as players get used to each other’s styles and form strong bonds.

Skepticism and Doubts: Overcoming skepticism, especially about not having foreign players, is a challenge. Some critics doubt the team’s ability to compete at the top level only for that reason. Dealing with the naysayers is part of the game.

Navigating Challenges:

Handling Fan Excitement: A unique challenge for Manila Montet is managing the excitement from its large fan base. While the support is fantastic, the club also faces pressure due to high expectations, especially with a big crowd expected at its first game.

Ensuring Fan Enjoyment:

Ultimately, what truly matters is that people have fun coming to the Rizal stadium watching our games. Ensuring an enjoyable experience for the fans is the heart of our pursuit, making the balance between challenges and triumphs all the more worthwhile.

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