Calendar Updates

New Player Signings:
We’re excited to introduce our latest signed players soon. Most of them are well-recognized in the local football scene, with extensive PFL or Copa experience. Stay tuned as we unveil these additions over the next days and weeks.

Early Next Week:
We’ll finally reveal our home jersey! Many people have been asking if they will be able to buy it, and the answer is yes!

Join us for the first training with our new kits. It’s an exciting moment!

Until February 20:
Exclusive tryouts for specific positions are ongoing, focusing solely on attacking top-tier players with PFL experience or young players with incredible talent.

End of February or Early March:
Prepare for our full team picture as we capture the spirit and unity of our squad.

March 9th:
Mark your calendars for the big day at Rizal Stadium—the kickoff of our first PFL game. Don’t worry; we’ll remind you as the date approaches, ensuring you don’t miss this exciting event!

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