The Kenneth P. Arnaldo Experience: Uniting Fan Passion, Coaching Prowess, and Playing Skills

Interviewer: Hello, could you please introduce yourself?
Kenneth P. Arnaldo: Greetings, I’m Kenneth P. Arnaldo, a 22-year-old recent addition to Manila Montet FC. My journey in football started at the age of 12, and ever since, I’ve been known by a constant hunger for improvement. Aside from playing, I am also a licensed football coach here in the Philippines. I consider football as the love of my life, and I live by the philosophy of “Sweat more in trainings, bleed less in games.” I’m eager to bring my skills to the club, and I look forward to creating memorable moments in every match for our team.

Interviewer: Who is your football idol or role model?
Kenneth P. Arnaldo: Ever since I was a child, Lionel Messi has been my football role model. I recall owning his football boots as my very first shoes. I admire him because of his ability to perform in various positions, his exceptional teamwork, and most importantly, his determination to achieve his goals.

Interviewer: What position do you enjoy playing the most and why?
Kenneth P. Arnaldo: I do enjoy playing as an attacking midfielder, in the midfield position I can help the team in offense and defense. I also have the opportunity to show my creative skills by setting up goal-scoring opportunities for my teammates. Additionally, the attacking midfielder role often involves strategic decision-making for attaining a great balance for the team.

Interviewer: What’s your favourite football club, aside from the one you play for?
Kenneth P. Arnaldo: Apart from backing Manila Montet FC, I’m also a fan of FC Barcelona, and I’ve been a devoted supporter, known as a Culer, since I began playing football. My admiration for the team grew when I witnessed their famous tiki-taka style of play, characterized by a combination of patterns and creativity. Being associated with FC Barcelona has taught me the importance of standing by the club through its highs and lows, emphasizing the loyalty that comes with being a true fan.

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