Hunting for Robust Filipino Central Defenders

Manila Montet FC is looking for a strong central back to bolster its defensive lineup. The central defender, often referred to as a central back, plays a crucial role in fortifying the team’s defense and thwarting opponent attacks. The club aims to find a player with the essential qualities that define a solid central defender.

The Essential Qualities of a Central Back:

1️⃣ Anticipation:
One of the key attributes of a central back is the ability to anticipate and read the opponent’s moves. This skill grants them a crucial edge in preventing potential threats and counter-attacks, ultimately contributing to the team’s defensive stability.

2️⃣ Aerial Prowess:
A central back must excel in aerial duels, regardless of their height. Winning headers during crosses, corners, and aerial balls in the penalty area is vital for repelling danger and maintaining a solid defensive line.

3️⃣ Power:
Physical dominance is a defining attribute of central defenders. With an average height of over 1.80m and a weight of around 80kg, power instills a sense of dominance and ensures the defender remains resolute against opposing players.

The Current Best Central Backs in the Philippines:

While the search for a local central back intensifies for Manila Montet FC, the current best central backs in the Philippines are not local players. Carlos Alberto Olaivar Martinez de Murga and Jefferson Tabinas stand out as notable figures, with Tabinas clearly expressing his desire to represent Japan at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Both players bring a wealth of experience, but as Martinez de Murga is already 35 years old, the need for a new generation of central defenders is apparent.

Finding players with all the qualities needed to be central back is not an easy task. But Manila Montet FC is commit to find local talented players with potential and train them hard to pick up their game level.

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