Experience or Raw Talent: What Matters Most for a General Manager? Unveiling the rise of Nixon Paez.

He’s young, but talent doesn’t wait for age. Nixon started at the bottom, coaching our football kids. From zero members, he quickly brought it to almost 20. Kids love him, and he’s a good football player himself too. Instead of playing, he took the chance to run the professional club when the owner asked. His day kicks off at 4 am on training days. Early bird! Training starts at 6 am, and he’s there to help the coaches and talk to the owner about players. After training, it’s office time or work from home. He watches games, plans strategies, and talks to players about contracts. Emails flood in every day, but he handles them all. Morning meetings with coaches and scouts are busy. They talk about how players are doing and find new talents. Nixon’s choices aren’t just about numbers; he knows the players and builds the team spirit. But one thing is sure — he really loves football! From coaching little ones to managing the big game, Nixon Paez’s journey is a cool story of talent and passion. An inspiration for many.

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