Ready to Cheer? Join Our Growing Fan Family!

Ready to Cheer? Join Our Growing Fan Family!

A club without fans lis a nonsense there’s no point without them. Fans define the greatness of football. While some cherish playing, watching, and discussing the game, others find fans more intriguing than players. We’re not saying we’re not intrigued and in love with our players 🥰, but we’re also excited about growing our fan base.

Manila Montet transcends football and on-field performance. Let’s face it, football isn’t widely popular in the Philippines, and we understand that. We represent more than just football; we’re a community embodying hardworking, deserving, and proud Filipino people contributing to the country’s greatness.

We’ve been contacted by numerous individuals who love our project and are keen on developing fan groups and creating ultras. This excitement prompted us to share on our social networks, inviting others to join in creating something significant together.

Currently, we’re considering two fan categories: regular members benefiting from discounts on our products, among other things, and our ultras. While the term ‘ultras’ often carries negative connotations, it can also be positive. What club in the world would prefer not to have fans singing and making noise during their games?

So if you’re interested and plan to come to Rizal Stadium to watch us, message us, and we’ll be delighted to put you in contact with the right persons.

Together, let’s make football games fun for everyone to enjoy!

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