Spotlight on Our International Followers

A significant portion of our fans are either foreigners or Filipinos living abroad. In fact, less than 50% of our followers are based in the Philippines! This trend is even more evident in our jersey sales, with the majority of our jerseys being sold outside of the Philippines.

Despite being at the bottom of the league, Manila Montet might well be the number one Filipino club in term of popularity abroad , even though we only started operations six months ago. Who could have guessed that? Not even us..🤩

Today, we will focus on our foreign-based followers, and tomorrow we will turn our attention to our local followers. So, where are these international fans from? Due to the Montet Group’s roots in Europe, we have some followers from there. However, it’s important to note that Filipino football often faces criticism from Europeans who are used to watching top-tier football. Our team has struggled all season, which should prove that the PFL level is quite decent, but for many Europeans, even top games like Kaya vs Stallions do not meet any of their expectations.

Manila Montet is quite popular in Vietnam, thanks to the group’s business connections and network.

Interestingly, we also have some followers from the United States, Indonesia, Nigeria, and India. Nigeria’s large population and passion for football, along with India’s growing interest in the sport, have contributed to our fan base in these countries. However China is almost nowhere to be found.

We have to be totally honest as always, how come the bottom tream of the PFL can sell that many jerseys is a mystery to some of us. We have sold jerseys in Norway, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, and Vietnam. We are pleasantly surprised by this success. It could be due to our project, the design of our jerseys, or the visibility our club has managed to achieve, making it easier for football jersey collectors to find our jersey.

This season has been so difficult on the field, when there’s something working well, we should be happy with it and celebrate it!

PS: We apologize for not having put Oceania and other parts of the world on the table it is just that the number of followers from there is negligeable in our 14 100 total followers.

Thank you for your support from wherever you are! 😍

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