Back from Cebu: After An Exciting 3 Day Journey

All our players and staff are now back in Manila from Cebu. It has been three days of a unique experience. Today, we have decided to show a couple of super cool pictures of children football fans and teenagers asking our players for autographs in Cebu.

When we see these pictures, the firs thing that come to our mind are our fans here in Manila. We missed them for thr first time at the last game since it was an away game, but this Saturday, we hope to see them back at Rizal for one of the last games of the season.

Our fans, even the younger ones, know most of our players’ names, their position and thei jersey numbers, It is always impressive, especially when you remember that some of them did not even know football rules at the start of the season!

Children and teenagers are the main ingredient for football development in the Philippines.

We have many more pictures from Cebu to share and will be posting them all together tomorrow before we start to talk about our next game.

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