PFL Stats Revealed: Struggles for Local Talents

As we reflect on the current PFL season, here are some intriguing statistics:

– 70% of the goals scored in the PFL are attributed to players holding nationalities other than solely Filipino.
– To put it differently, less than a third of goals in the PFL originate from homegrown players.
– Among the top 22 goal scorers in the PFL, only 4 exclusively hold Filipino nationality.

These statistics offer multiple interpretations as always. While international players undoubtedly bring valuable experience, skill and raise the general level of the league, we have to ask ourself why do local players lag so much behind?

Filipino players possess the potential to reach high levels of proficiency and make significant contributions to their teams and the league. However, they face various unique challenges since birth, including the lack of access to adequate training facilities.
Even simple things like acquiring proper football shoes can be a hurdle, unlike foreign players who come from countries with more accessible football fields (football fields are free across all Europe for example) and have better resources.

These stats underscore the importance of investing in the development of local football. Promoting local football with homegrown players is not only vital for the long-term sustainability and growth of the sport in the Philippines but also for fostering a sense of national pride and identity through football.

Interestingly, we can clearly see that the level of football isn’t the primary reason for low attendance at Rizal Stadium. Despite high-quality play, comparable to second-division professional European leagues, the best PFL teams on the field struggle to draw significant crowds.

Despite all the difficulties, there’s a lot to be hopeful about for the future. Football is the world’s favorite sport for a reason, and it’s only a matter of time before it flourishes here as well. Patience is key. We just need to find the right formula.

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