Post Game Analysis: Four penalties against Manila Montet FC

After a game with ups and downs, Manila Montet faced an unexpected challenge: four penalties against us. It’s rare to say the least to see so many penalties in one game, but it shows how unpredictable sports can be.

Two of those penalties were clear mistakes by our defense, yes, we fight but we should fight smarter. But the first one was a referee error that really changed the game’s momentum. In fact until this unfair penalty, Manila Montet was showing some very good things.

A second penalty was awarded in the first half, even this one could have been ignored with a different referee.

The second half was however tougher, with Davao playing way better.

Davao played smart, using their experience, provoked our players and sometimes diving to gain an advantage. They taught us a lesson in being clever when it counts.

We’ll learn from this game and do better next time. Building a competitive club in the PFL in four months isn’t easy. We’re proud to be in this league and enjoy every game.

Stay tuned for a new interview with Thomas Vivian Montet later this week. We’ve already played four games, a quarter of the season. As usual, we’ll ask him some tough questions.

You can also send us your questions for him via our Facebook Messenger. Our media team will select some of the best questions to ask him during the interview.

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