Manila Montet, acknowledging the formidable Taguig squad with its array of international players, opted for a defensive strategy. Despite Taguig’s efforts, halftime arrived with an unexpected 0-0 scoreline. Taguig emerged from halftime with renewed determination to break the deadlock. Throughout the first half, Manila Montet frustrated Taguig with their solid defense and the exceptional performance of goalkeeper Marc Jones. However, it was Taguig FC that made a remarkable debut in the Philippines Football League (PFL), securing a 4-1 victory over Montet Manila FC at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium. Following a goalless first half, Tsukasa Shimamura opened Taguig’s scoring account in the 51st minute, swiftly followed by Arnel Amita’s goal to make it 2-0 just four minutes later. Patrick Grogg further extended Taguig’s lead to 3-0 in the 76th minute, establishing a significant advantage. Manila Montet managed to get on the scoresheet with Henry PiƱero’s goal in the 84th minute, but it wasn’t enough as Naoto Hirashi sealed Taguig’s victory with a goal in the 88th minute. Despite the loss, Manila Montet exceeded expectations, displaying courage and a fighting spirit. Looking ahead at the calendar, it’s evident that earning points won’t be easy, but Manila Montet remains determined to give their best effort.

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