Thomas Vivian Montet Interview

Interviewer: Good afternoon, Mr. Montet. As the founder of Manila Montet Football Club, you’ve invested a significant amount of time and money into building the club and the current team. Can you give us a short summary of how you’re feeling a few days before the start of the PFL?

Thomas Vivian Montet: I’m feeling alright, though it’s been quite a journey. Balancing my responsibilities with my investment company and the demands of running a football club has been challenging. We’ve had only 4 months to build both a professional team and a functioning club.

Interviewer: Let’s address some tough questions first. Most observers expect Manila Montet to rank at the bottom of the PFL this season. How do you explain this negative outlook?

Thomas Vivian Montet: It’s quite simple to explain. This is mainly because we’re a completely new club and have chosen to focus on Filipino players exclusively, unlike other teams that have many international players. We have struggled in most of our friendly matches, and we have unfortunately suffered a few heavy losses. Our situation is unique and difficult, and we need time to become competitive in the league.

Interviewer: Are the poor results and low expectations due to a lack of talent in the squad?

Thomas Vivian Montet: No, I don’t believe so since we have good players and a quality coaching team. However, our players lack PFL level exposure, and being a brand new club, they don’t know each other well enough to play together effectively. It’s more about the challenges we’ve faced in building a team from scratch. Everything, from finding suitable training facilities to assembling a competitive squad, has been a struggle. As the club owner, I take full responsibility for our setbacks, but we’re committed to learning and improving. Success requires hard work and perseverance.

Interviewer: What motivates you to keep pushing forward?

Thomas Vivian Montet: We want to keep pushing forward because we have a vision. My vision is to showcase that local players can compete at a high level and to potentially contribute to the discovery of future national talents. Manila Montet FC is owned by a non-profit organization, and our aim is not profit but to contribute positively to Philippine football. However, this will take time and patience. Building a successful football club doesn’t happen overnight, especially when we didn’t even exist four months ago. Additionally, we aim to create an exceptional matchday experience for everyone, regardless of the result, because I believe the stadium experience is key to cultivating a love for football.

Interviewer: On a positive note, the club has gained incredible popularity in a short time and already ranks as one of the top clubs with the most followers. How do you explain this?

Thomas Vivian Montet: Winning the hearts of the crowds is very important to us. Our popularity is a testament to the potential of football in the Philippines. People may be drawn to the fact that we prioritize Filipino players over international signings. Our marketing and sales teams have also done an outstanding job of raising awareness and attracting supporters.

Interviewer: Your team’s first official match is approaching, and the opponent is considered one of the strongest in the league. Many anticipate a tough game and a potential heavy loss. How do you prepare both your team and the fans for this challenge?

Thomas Vivian Montet: Indeed, our upcoming match poses a significant challenge, given the caliber of our opponent. However, we approach it with a realistic mindset. We understand the odds are against us as a new team with home grown players facing international players. Nonetheless, we see this as an opportunity to learn, grow, and showcase the resilience of our local Filipino players. Our focus is on giving our best effort on the field and maintaining a fighting spirit throughout the match. I encourage our fans to stand by us and embrace the journey ahead, win or lose.

Interviewer: Any final words?

Thomas Vivian Montet: I’d like to extend my gratitude to everyone involved in this journey – from the players, the staff, and the coaching team, to the invaluable support from our fans. It’s truly heartwarming to see the artwork and messages from our young fans; they inspire us to keep pushing forward. We embarked on this challenging project fully aware of the skepticism and even the naysayers wishing for our failure. However, quitting is not in our vocabulary. Yes, there will be losses, perhaps some significant ones, but that won’t deter us. We’re here to stay and to keep fighting. We just ask everyone to stick with us and give us time to prove ourselves, and most importantly, give our players the credit they deserve. They are not just playing for a club; they are representing the country and embodying the spirit of the resilient people of the Philippines, who have always persevered despite challenges.
Thank you to everyone for your unwavering support!

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