In the coming days and weeks:

Introduction of New Players: If you’ve been following our club closely, you’re probably aware of the recent additions to our squad. We’ll be introducing these new players very soon.

Introduction of Away Jersey: Following the success of our home jersey launch, we’re eager to replicate that achievement with our away jersey. We have some exciting ideas in mind to ensure its introduction is just as impactful.

Introduction of Coach and Staff: A football club’s success depends not only on its players but also on the quality of its coaching staff. We recognize the crucial role they play, and we’ll be introducing them to our fans shortly.

Material for Sale: We’re gearing up to introduce new merchandise for sale. In response to demand, we’ll be offering scarves, along with our away jerseys. And stay tuned, as we plan to expand our product range over time.

Academy Development: While our academy currently focuses on children, we’re actively working on expanding its scope to include adults and potentially even women in the future. If you’re interested in joining, please reach out to us via Facebook.

Interview with Owner: Just before our first official game of the season, we’ll be sitting down with the club owner to discuss our aspirations and plans for the upcoming season.

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