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FAQ Manila Montet FC Part 2

Will the club be selling jerseys and other goodies? And how can people support the team?

To lend your support, attending matches at Rizal Stadium is an excellent way. Additionally, keep an eye out for our merchandise on the website. The club will have jerseys and other delightful items for sale. We expect the sales to start in a month or so. Also, even tough we do not have any volunteer yet we would of course welcome anyone who would want to help us out on different areas. Given the swift establishment of the club, there’s quite a bit to be done as you can imagine.

Will the club have a youth development program?

The club is committed to nurturing young Filipino talent through a dedicated youth development program. We anticipate revealing more details about this in the coming days and weeks.

Who will be your main rivals this season in PFL?

Determining our main rivals for the season is a bit challenging. While it’s natural to have eyes on established clubs, being a freshly minted team with new players, our primary focus is on competing with all Metro Manila clubs. We aspire to become the premier club in Metro Manila area.

Regarding the crowds you want to bring at Rizal for your games, do you have a number of people in mind?

Yes, we do have a target, but at this stage, it remains confidential. Our aim is to create an engaging atmosphere, and we hope to see enthusiastic fans in abundance.

When will you start to showcase your players?

We anticipate starting the player showcases in the second week of January. Stay tuned for a glimpse into the 100% local talented individuals who will represent Manila Montet FC.

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