Manila Montet FC

FAQ Manila Montet FC Part 1

What are the club’s colors?

The club’s colors are blue and white. People will know us as the blues.

Where will you play your home matches?

We will play our home matches in Rizal stadium in Manila.

Who are the key figures behind the establishment of Manila Montet FC?

The club was founded by Sir Thomas Vivian Montet, who has a deep passion for football and a vision to create a thriving football community here in the Philippines. Our fans will learn about him in the coming weeks and months.

What leagues or competitions will the club participate in?

We are already registered to play the PFL league starting in February 2024. This is the elite league in the Philippines and we are extremely proud to be part of this adventure. We should also participate in the Copa then after.

Does the club have a long-term vision?

First, we want to become number 1 in Metro Manila. For us it’s more about being first in the hearts of the people, the field will be something else.

Some people are scared that the club may decide to quit the league after only one or two seasons since this is something has been seen multiple times here in the Philippines in the past. What can you say to reassure people on that specific point?

What we can say is that the Montet Group provides complete financial backing to the club. There is zero doubt that the club is here for the long haul. We understand that football business in the Philippines might not always be a lucrative venture, but profits aren’t our primary motivation. In short, we do not need money.

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