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Interview with Pion, a 9-Year-Old Manila Montet FC Fan and Filipino Football Enthusiast

Hey Pion! It’s super cool talking to you today. When did you start loving football?

Pion: Hi! I really got into football when I turned 9. I found out about it at the Manila Montet Youth Camp, and now I just love playing it.

Awesome! What’s the most fun thing about being in the academy?

Pion: It’s a total blast! I’ve made awesome friends, and we play together while learning cool stuff about football.

Sounds like a lot of fun! Do you play football at home too?

Pion: Oh yeah! My mom got me a football, and I play inside our house. She’s not always happy because I broke a few things, but we don’t have a football field near my house.

Making the most of your space! Do you have a favorite football player?

Pion: Totally Ronaldo! He scores lots of goals, and his big muscles are super cool! There’s also this player from Manila Montet FC that I like a lot, but it’s a secret, so I can’t say his name yet.

Haha! Yes, we have not revealed our players yet! Secrets are fun! What position do you play on the field? What position do you play on the field?

Pion: I’m a striker. I love scoring goals for my team.

Exciting stuff! Any favorite team you cheer for?

Pion: Al Nassr is my number one because of Ronaldo. Manila Montet FC is my favorite in the Philippines. I’m even planning to go to Rizal Stadium next year to cheer for them with my family.

That’s so cool! On a different note, are you excited about Christmas?

Pion: Oh yeah! I can’t wait for the holidays and all the festive fun.

Sounds amazing! Thanks for chatting with us, Pion. Keep having a great time with your football adventures and enjoy the Christmas festivities!

Pion: Thanks! I will!

And.. let’s go MONTET!

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