Why Support Manila Montet FC? Engage with Us!

In the buzzing world of Filipino football, Manila Montet FC and Taguig FC are the two newcomers of the PFL league that a lot of people are talking about. Why, you ask? Well, for Taguig FC, it’s mainly because of the scarcity of information, but also because they will proudly represent Taguig. As for us, Manila Montet FC, it’s all about the name Montet.

At the heart of Manila Montet FC’s philosophy is the belief that a football club’s success hinges on its fans. While we’ve already cultivated a loyal fan base in a very short period, as a fledgling club, we’re eager, of course, to expand. We invite interested individuals to send us a private message to discuss potential collaborations. Our fans are the lifeblood of our project, and we genuinely believe that football loses its magic without the vibrant energy of a passionate crowd.

We have been informed that some of our fans wanted to create a Facebook group to support our club. We don’t know yet who is at the start of the initiative, but we are eager to help them develop this great initiative.

Historically, football clubs have taken on the names of towns, cities, or urban areas, becoming a representation of the people they serve. We have selected Manila because we love Manila in the large sense; what we love is Metro Manila! Our aim is to represent the hardworking Filipino people who pour their hearts into everything they do.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we’re not just about the game; we’re about the community. We’re open to suggestions from our fans, who are, and will always be, at the core of our project. Manila Montet FC stands united in blue, representing our values and caring for our fellow Filipinos.

So, why support Manila Montet FC? Because we’re not just building a football club; we’re building a community of proud Filipinos. Let’s create a great fan atmosphere with a lot of noise and fun activities! Join us in standing for our colors and values, and let’s make Manila Montet FC the heart of Filipino football together!

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