Height is Overrated: Why Filipinos Should Ditch Basketball for Football

In a world where sports shape cultures, the Philippines’ love for basketball faces a big hurdle—height constraints. It’s not just because Filipinos are generally shorter, but mainly because you don’t just need to be tall for basketball; you need to be exceptionally tall! Take a peek at the eye-catching image below.

Enter football, the world’s most popular sport, offering Filipinos a chance to join a global craze without worrying about height limitations.

Football’s universal appeal is crystal clear; it holds the top spot in nearly every country around the world. From the lively fields of Brazil to the historic pitches of Europe, football brings people together, crossing language and geography. For Filipinos wanting to connect with a broader sports community, football is a friendly option.

Unlike basketball, where height usually calls the shots, football celebrates all body types. Stories of legendary players like Lionel Messi (5 feet 7 inches) and Diego Maradona (5 feet 5 inches) prove that football’s greatness isn’t reserved for towering figures. Their success stories echo globally, emphasizing the importance of skill, teamwork, and passion.

As Filipinos grapple with the challenge of not fitting the typical basketball mold, football steps in as a promising alternative. The sport’s global popularity invites Filipinos to join a welcoming movement where skills, not height, steal the spotlight.

In conclusion, football’s global standing opens a door for Filipinos to embrace a sport that echoes worldwide. Beyond the height restrictions of basketball, football welcomes players of all sizes, giving Filipinos a chance to shine internationally based on their skills and love for the game. It’s time to change the game and let football be the fresh playground for Filipino sports enthusiasts.

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One Comment

  1. Modern football or soccer already dictates height as well is also might. Soccer or football aside from the use of VAR has already evolved by leaps & bounce and one of which is taller players in competitive football dominate. Gone are the days that height does not play a factor in football.
    I can say height is not a factor in football if we are not talking about competitive moreso with high level football.

    Still, football fits Filipinos since the average ht. of Filipinos also improved.

    Messi, Maradona, and all other small players who had been successful in football are exceptional.

    It is not discouraging but challenging.

    Small or tall, all can still play football. But definitely tall players will have an advantage.

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