Manila Montet FC Introduction

Could you please introduce Manila Montet FC and share a bit about your background and the motivation behind developing this club here in Manila?

Thomas Vivian Montet: My family and I recently relocated to the Philippines. While I hold French citizenship, it’s crucial to emphasize that the Montet Group is not a French group but an international entity. My sons are British, and my wife is Vietnamese, reflecting the rich cultural blend within our family. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of calling various places home, including France, New York, and London. We chose to establish Manila Montet FC because football is the premier sport globally, yet it has not attained widespread popularity in the Philippines. Despite soccer gaining traction in the United States, its prevalence here is not as substantial. Our objective is straightforward: we aim to encourage more people to play and derive enjoyment from football in the Philippines.

You initiated a football academy two months ago; how has the experience been so far?

The initial weeks were challenging as we made some adjustments, but the last month has been incredible. Our academy has a unique approach, prioritizing fun for the children, which we believe is crucial at their age. Parents and children are highly satisfied, and our coaches are doing an excellent job.

Looking at the adult side, Manila Montet FC plans to join the PFL in February 2024. Can you tell us more about your players and the objectives for this season?

We’ve been in contact with the PFL staff and have been impressed by their professionalism and ambition. Our team will sport blue, matching the color of our group company, the Montet Group. We’ve made a clear choice to prioritize Filipino players, believing in their great potential. While we’ve received offers from agents for European players, our focus is on developing local talent to contribute to the growth of football in the country.

Like other teams, you are still organizing some tryouts; what kind of player profiles are you looking for?

We are looking for fighters—players with a winning spirit. It’s important they realize that it’s okay to lose, but only if they’ve given their absolute best. We are particularly interested in young players with this mentality. Our staff is only made up of fighters and winners, and we expect the same from our players.

Your website features a fan page still under construction. How do you plan to build relations with the fans?

Since announcing our intention to join the PFL, our online following has skyrocketed. It’s exciting, but it also adds pressure to deliver on the field. Despite the current state of football in the Philippines, there’s immense potential. Our academy’s demand is impressive, and we’ll do our best to convert that love for football into stadium support. Initiatives to connect with fans are in the pipeline. While our first-season goals aren’t overly ambitious in terms of results, given our club’s relative inexperience compared to others, we aim to compete and grow in the years to come, perhaps even challenging teams like Kaya.

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