Post-Game Review: Reflecting and Looking Forward

“Let us know when you’re ready to fight and run!” This comment, while harsh, reflects the disappointment of our fans after yesterday’s performance. Many were disappointed, especially after our players fought hard and did well in the second half against Maharlika in the previous game.

Yesterday, it was clear that some players didn’t run enough and overall stamina was lacking. A few players gave their best as always, but many fans were disappointed by the general attitude.

The game had its moments. Despite a strong performance by Don Bosco, we held them to a 0-0 score at halftime. Early in the second half, a new penalty against us (how many will be given against us this season?) led to Don Bosco’s first goal. We also had two incredible opportunities to score, including one where we hit the bar. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on our side, as has been the case several times this year. While the overall performance was poor, not every player underperformed. Some players showed commendable effort and fought hard for the team. It would be unfair to say the entire team did poorly, as there were bright spots amid the challenges.

We knew that Koumain and Johnson were great players and they showed it yesterday with 3 goals together.

We want to thank these players for their efforts. It’s not always easy, and we appreciate the hard work and dedication shown on the field. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to the Don Bosco staff for their friendliness and hospitality. For us, being one of the most followed clubs of the country and being at the bottom is a tough combination, adding significant pressure on our players. The expectations from our fanbase can be overwhelming, but it also shows how much potential and support we have.

Looking ahead, our next games against Kaya and Cebu will be even more difficult. Our primary goal will be to give our best and learn from these experiences. Each match is an opportunity for growth. In the future, we will implement strategies to enhance our stamina.

Facing Kaya, the biggest Filipino football club, will require us to be brave and give our all on the field. We believe in our players’ courage and determination to rise to the challenge. Throughout the next week, we will share more about Kaya FC, which is the biggest football club in the Philippines but still unknown to the vast majority of our foreign fans (and maybe even to many of our Filipino fans).

Let’s continue to grow together.

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