Bleeding Blue: We Are More Than a Community, We Are Family

For the second match in our young history, we witnessed something we are immensely proud of: the gathering of around 50 passionate fans in our dedicated section of the bleachers. To many non-Filipino readers, this number may seem modest, but it’s a monumental achievement in the context of football here in the Philippines. Alongside Kaya FC, the most important club here, we boast the largest fan base, a testament to the growing love for our club.
What’s even more incredible is the dedication of our fans. Some have traveled for hours just to be here, to witness our players in action. This isn’t just about football; it’s about building a community, a family. Every fan matters, and we strive to make the game-day experience as unforgettable as possible.
At Manila Montet, supporting our club means more than just cheering from the sidelines. It means being part of something greater, a movement rooted in passion, unity, and unwavering support. As we face challenges on the field, we do so together, as underdogs with hearts of gold.
We believe in our players, regardless of the score, and we stand by them until the final whistle blows. Because here’s the thing: a football club without fans isn’t a football club worth watching. So, let’s continue to bleed blue, to rally behind our team with every ounce of our being, because we are more than just a club – we are a family.

In every game, as underdogs, we fight with unwavering pride, showing our resilience and determination in the face of every challenge.

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