Yesterday’s game was disappointing, and we apologize to our fans. We’re continuously learning and seeking solutions, but yesterday our teamwork was lacking, despite individual efforts. Losing is part of the game, especially considering our circumstances; we started from scratch just four months ago. However, losing against Taguig and their stars is a whole different story than what happened yesterday. This game was forgettable; we lost the essence of our club’s fighting spirit. It’s essential to always strive for our best, regardless of challenges.

The first goal was scored after just 11 minutes. Then, in the 33rd minute, our opponents capitalized on a rare mistake by our goalkeeper, Mark Jones. Attempting a flashy move after receiving a backpass, Jones lost possession, allowing the opposing forward to calmly score their first goal of the night.

At the start of the second half, Manila Montet made four substitutions, showing potential as they began to exploit turnovers and pose a threat to our opponents’ defense with sharp attacks. However, this attacking momentum didn’t last long. Our opponents capitalized on defensive mistakes by Montet and scored again. In the 57th minute, one of our players found the net for the second time that night, drawing us level with the current top scorers in the PFL. The rest of the game lacked excitement, leaving much to be desired. It was a disappointing match, but we’re determined to improve in the future.

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