Pros and Cons of Manila Montet: A 100% Filipino Football Club

Manila Montet occupies a distinctive niche within Filipino professional football, standing out as a privately owned club exclusively composed of Filipino players. This remarkable characteristic brings both advantages and challenges to the team.


Promotion of National Pride and Identity: The exclusive use of Filipino players serves as a powerful symbol of national pride and identity. It provides a platform to showcase the abundant talent within the Philippines and highlights the rich football culture of the nation. This resonance with fans and supporters has been evident in the strong sales of our jerseys. We hope to sell even more!

Unity and Camaraderie: A team united by a common cultural background fosters a stronger sense of unity and camaraderie among players. This cohesion translates into enhanced team chemistry, both on and off the field, ultimately contributing to improved performance and cohesion. Moreover, the fact that all our players and coaching staff communicate in Tagalog further reinforces this sense of unity.

Cultural Connection: The composition of the team reflects the local culture, traditions, and values of the Philippines. This deep cultural connection strengthens the bond between the team and its supporters, cultivating a more passionate fanbase that identifies closely with the team’s ethos.


Limited Skill Pool: Restricting player selection exclusively to Filipinos limit access to a broader talent pool. This limitation could potentially impact the team’s overall skill level and competitiveness compared to teams with more diverse rosters and will make our first season challenging.

Limited Exposure and Experience: The team’s exclusively Filipino composition result in a lack of exposure to different football environments and levels of competition. This lack of exposure could hinder our ability to adapt to varying game scenarios and challenges.

We know our project is hard, especially at the start, but we stay positive about the future. Even though we expect problems, we think Manila Montet’s special way will lead to success over the long term.

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