Behind the Scenes: The Hidden Workload of Football Paperwork

We can’t wait to introduce you to the whole squad. But before we do so, we need to register all our players with the PFL.

A football club is full of life, Manila Montet has around 15 staff members, 30 to 40 players, and a multitude of paperwork and daily issues to handle. It’s not easy.

Managing paperwork for a professional football team involves numerous tasks and responsibilities including the below among others:

  1. Legal documents: Handling legal agreements, waivers, and other legal paperwork is essential to ensure compliance with regulations and protect the team’s interests.
  2. League regulations: Staying up-to-date with league regulations and requirements is necessary to ensure the team meets all compliance standards.
  3. Player registrations: Processing player registrations, transfers, and other types of agreement involves coordinating with various stakeholders and complying with league rules.
  4. Administrative tasks: Handling administrative duties such as correspondence, filing, and record-keeping contributes to the overall paperwork workload.

Although it is not easy, in life, the most rewarding achievements often require significant effort and perseverance. The greatest things in life are often the hardest to attain.


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