New Faces, Shared Goals: Unity in Our Club’s Vision

If there’s one defining aspect of our club, it’s beautifully captured in these recent images. Over the past few days, our management has welcomed two wonderful additions to our team, further amplifying the spirit of women empowerment within our ranks. With an already robust presence of women, our staff now proudly boasts a slight majority of female members. Swantje’s inaugural visit to our training facility was met with warmth and enthusiasm from both players and coaching staff alike, as she was introduced by our head coach, Ayeh, to the entire squad. The following day, Pauline’s arrival was greeted with the same level of warmth and camaraderie. This sense of unity and support underscores the essence of our club, where we function as a tight-knit family, collaborating and uplifting one another. We all share the same belief and work toward a common goal: demonstrating that a football club comprised solely of local players and staff can indeed compete at the highest level.

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