Balancing Football and Life: Our Commitment

While football might seem simple with just a ball, socks, shoes, and a jersey, playing in the PFL (Philippines Football League) is more complex. Players earn much less money compared to those in famous European leagues, which creates financial difficulties. Additionally, many players have families to support, adding pressure to find stability.

Playing in the PFL, the country’s top league, is prestigious but often requires significant sacrifices, depending on each player’s circumstances. However, not everyone can afford these sacrifices, highlighting the challenges. Every football player faces the shortness of a sports career, the risk of injury, and limited financial opportunities in the long term.

Recognizing these challenges, our new club aims to understand and assist Filipino football players. We recognize their financial struggles and family responsibilities, so we want to help them achieve a balanced life.

Our primary objective is to establish an environment where players can pursue their football dreams while also planning for their future. That’s why we prioritize education, work experience, and continuous learning, which are crucial for success both on and off the field.

To support our players, we implement measures such as scheduling early training sessions to accommodate their work commitments. Even small adjustments like this can greatly impact their lives. By nurturing our players’ growth, we aspire to create a club where everyone can thrive and continually improve. Our players are good individuals who conduct themselves well and deserve respect.

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