Jersey Success, Team Progress and New Signings

Jersey Presentation: Our recent jersey presentation was a massive success, and we’re delighted with the outcome.
Sales Success: We’ve already sold many more jerseys than expected, with a notable number being purchased outside of the Philippines, indicating strong interest from Southeast Asian countries. This interest in our club outside of the Philippines is also reflected in our Facebook followers.
Team Progress: As our squad is still new, players are in the process of learning to play together, but we’re pleased to see improvements and a positive mentality emerging.
We consistently emphasize the importance of mentality, understanding that it’s crucial for our team’s success.
Realistic Expectations: Realistically, we understand that it takes time for a completely new team to reach the top of the league.
Signings Update: In terms of signings, we’ve made three new additions this morning, including two strikers, and we’re actively seeking an additional striker or two, as well as an additional goalkeeper, to strengthen our squad.
Player Introductions: Stay tuned as we will introduce the new players in the coming days.

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